Top Six Advantages of Staying "Dialed In" With Cox Business VoiceManager

Top Six Advantages of Staying "Dialed In" With Cox Business VoiceManager SM

Ernestine, Laugh-In's ornery telephone operator, roused a lot of chuckles counting down the rings before her call was picked up. But in today's marketplace, missed calls are no laughing matter — they can be costly in terms of lost business and lost relationships.

VoiceManager, Cox’s business grade voice solution, allows businesses to have complete voice functionality without expensive equipment.  Employees can make and receive calls from the storefront, cell or home — in the eyes of the customer, you are always in business!

"Mobility, business continuity and security are three key motivators for VoiceManager clients," explains Ellen Cavitt, Cox Business Voice Product Manager. "It helps small and medium businesses compete by providing total access 24/7, including the ability to switch phone lines directly, automatically, and in real time should hurricanes, floods or man-made disasters strike. Our new VoiceManager Office and Anywhere packages and downloadable toolbar make staying connected easy and affordable."

Call Forward Not Reachable automatically forwards phones to a pre-set emergency number when VoiceManager senses the phone lines are not operational in cases such as flood, fire or extended power outages, and is included in all Cox Business VoiceManager Office packages. Other highly utilized features include Caller ID, Hunt Groups (directing where calls go if a number is busy) and Call Forwarding.

Top Six Advantages of Staying "Dialed In" with VoiceManager:

  1. Enhanced Productivity with features that make voice communications easier to manage. 
  2. Complete Mobility to do business anywhere, anytime.
  3. Modern Messaging allows easy access and can be customized by each user.
  4. Streamlined Administration that is easy to use and connects employees.
  5. System-Wide Reliability helps pre-plan and survive unexpected disruptions, transparently providing a seamless experience to customers.
  6. Leading Edge Technology that is supported 24/7.

Whether doing business in a storefront, from the road or home office, VoiceManager is easy to use with a simple point and click from a computer or traditional programming from a phone. Personal follow up from a Cox Business specialist, as well as an online interactive tutorial, teach clients how to take advantage of over 35 customizable features. Learn how VoiceManager can help your business today!