How to support survivors of Boston Marathon bombings

Apr 17, 2013
How to support survivors of Boston Marathon bombings

You and your employees may feel helpless in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy. But there are ways to make a difference, not only in supporting those injured in the April 15 bombings but by being prepared for future emergencies. Here’s how, say the American Red Cross and other service organizations:

Give blood. The Red Cross, which has shipped 450 units of blood to Boston, relies on donations. The agency announced yesterday that it has reached its quota for Boston Marathon relief, but that’s largely because it receives donations all year long. To give blood, visit or call 800-733-2767.

Donate money. Organize an office-wide fundraiser. Medical providers and other agencies are seeking financial assistance to treat and assist survivors. These efforts include:

Get trained. Encourage your staff to learn CPR and first aid. Those skills helped save lives after the bombings, as bystanders rushed to help the injured. You can organize such training through the Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Try starting with an online class, such as the AHA’s “Heartsaver” program or “Family First Aid & CPR” offered by the Red Cross. The self-guided courses cost about $30.